About the Antivirus plugin

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The Antivirus plugin will report on the Antivirus package that is installed. It reports the Antivirus status, Update Status, and location.

The Watchman Monitoring Antivirus plugin currently supports Windows Defender, AVG, AVast, ESET, Emsisoft, Kasperksy, MalwareBytes, and Symantec. Any active malware on the system is reported with the file name the malware was found in, which malware it matched, and any other info the antivirus engine provides. The Antivirus plugin will report when definitions are 7 days out of date, and if the engine is disabled or if a scan has not completed.

An example of the Antivirus being found, enabled and up to date.

Antivirus found and up to date.

If no Antivirus is found, you will see an informational alert.

No Antivirus found

If a scan has not run or your antivirus engine has not updated in over 7 days, and informational warning will be sent.

AV has not updated

Windows Defender also reports on anti-malware, anti-spyware, antivirus, and web filtering.

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