Computer Description Editing

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The Computer Description can be quickly edited from the Computer Overview. See how you can edit the Computer Description, where it is used in Watchman Monitoring, and how you can utilize this feature.

Computer Description Display

The Computer Description is not only displayed on the Computer Overview, but is also displayed on Tickets, and the Computer Overview PDF.


The Computer Description is reported in all tickets generated by the computer. Information in the Description can be used for sorting within your ticketing system. Learn more about Configuring email alerts for ticketing systems.

Example Ticket

The above example is from an HTML Alert Notification.

Example Plain Text Ticket

The above example is from an plain text Alert Notification.

Computer Overview PDF

Computer Overview PDF

The Computer Description is displayed on the Computer Overview PDF. Learn more about Computer Overview PDF.

Editing the Computer Description

The Description Field can be used for:

  • Location of the Machine
  • Whose machine it is
  • Purchase Date
  • Usage (RIP, FTP, File Server, etc.)
  • Additional data to help sort emails in ticketing systems such as Autotask, Connectwise, or Web HelpDesk
  • Anything else you would like to see in tickets

Storing of passwords in the Computer Description is highly discouraged.

Computer Overview Summary

When viewing a Computer Overview, under the Status Icons is the Computer Description. The Computer Description defaults to First reported on... for an installed client or Redeemed by... for Enrollment Codes.

Computer Overview Summary

Edit the Computer Description by clicking the pencil icon, or in the Edit tab > Description.

Inline Editing of Description

This will expand the Description into an editable area, where you can add in your Description Detail.

Inline editing of the Description: Save

Click the green ✓ (checkmark) to save your changes. (Clicking the X will cancel the change.)

Computer Description with changes saved

For Time related notes, please see the Notes in Watchman Monitoring for more information.



Edit > Identification

You can edit identifying information about the computer including its Description, Display Name, and Asset ID.

Save Settings

Save Settings

Click Save to save any settings changes made to the Computer Record. Navigating away from the page will also confirm leaving the page, if settings changes have not been saved.

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