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Maintenance activity log

Maintenance activity log

Alert Conditions

Gruntwork’s launchd plist is not loaded.

This would prevent any Gruntwork operations.  A reinstall of the software is recommended, but you could also try:

sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.mac-msp.gruntwork.chief.plist

Loginwindow routines have not run in over 30 days.

Gruntwork is effectively not doing anything.  This could be a technical problem, an active mobile user who never logs out, or the system has been stopped.

User got a “bad disk” warning but has not logged out.

If Watchman Monitoring finds a bad disk, Gruntwork will put a notice up asking the user to logout and let us run disk routines.  Think of it like a “check engine” light.  If they ignore it, Gruntwork will throw an alert. Running loginwindow routines should clear the alert.

Malformed attempt to call worker script.

This is rare but its a safety net for security purposes.  If someone is tampering with the Gruntwork script they may trigger this alert.

The server reports an error in the software.

The Gruntwork server expects certain content in its uploads.  If it’s not there, something is wrong with the install.  Common causes could be really old versions of Gruntwork not getting updated, or tampering with the scripts.  Please reinstall.

The server address is not set properly.

Could be that the settings file got deleted or corrupted.  A reinstall should fix this issue.

Warning Conditions

Empty activity log file.

Probably just a fresh install and will clear up quickly but could indicate a major problem over time.

Background or loginwindow routines have never run.

A fresh install  will clear this issue but could indicate a major problem over time.

Background routines have not run in over 30 days.

The computer is never idle long enough to run.  Loginwindow routine will detect that background routines have not be running and perform permission repair and quick clam scan.  Will mean that we won’t see a good memtest or full clam scan so if those are important to you you may need to schedule a manual run.

More than 30 automated reminder notices.

Users may be seeing a lot of notices asking them to logout. They may simply be ignoring the dialog.  This may be a user who should be scheduled for a manual run and you can shut off reminders entirely.

Fast user switching is preventing maintenance over loginwindow.

Gruntwork will not run over the loginwindow if other users are still logged in.  Your users may need help getting the other accounts logged off.

More than 24 cancellations of loginwindow routines.

Gruntwork provides a cancel button to the user to allow them to quit Gruntwork over the loginwindow and get logged back in.  But if they do it a lot, you may want to override our timing and figure out when would be a good time for your users.

Attempts to logout an idle user are failing.

If a user is idle 6 or more hours and doesn’t have a screen saver lock, we will attempt to log them out so we can run.  But if they have unsaved work, this will fail.  It would be much better for them to save their work and log out instead of leaving open unsaved documents for a 6-hour period.

The server is reporting issues with its database.

This is an issue where the settings file was deleted or corrupted.  A reinstall should fix.

Gruntwork is an old version.

Your server knows about the current version of Gruntwork and if this version is old.  Since Munki updates Gruntwork, it could indicate a problem with the Munki install or configuration that might be affecting other updates too.

There is a small period in which Munki has not updated Gruntwork, Gruntwork is reporting in to the server, and Watchman happens to catch it.  That situation will resolve itself when Munki updates.

If issues are resolved, but Watchman Monitoring is still reporting Alerts or Warnings, try the Roll Log Files on Computer option in the Mac-MSP computer record. This will clear any stale Alerts or Warnings for the Monitoring Client next check.

For additional details on these conditions, please see Mac-MSP's documentation.

Watchman Monitoring is looking at Gruntwork logs. So unlike conditions that it can see in realtime, the alert status will only change after Gruntwork takes action which will vary depending on your users.

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