Windows Update plugin

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The Windows Update plugin alerts to Critical and Optional updates that are available to install. The plugin also denotes if update checking is enabled.

Windows separates updates into the following categories:

  • critical
  • important
  • optional
  • low
  • moderate
  • other
  • hidden
  • drivers
  • security

Watchman Monitoring groups the updates together for reporting purposes, and reports the number of updates available broken down into these categories:

  • High Priority (critical, important)
    Windows reports these as Critical updates are available.
  • Low Priority (optional, moderate, low, other)
    Windows reports these as Minor updates are available.
  • Driver Updates
  • Hidden
  • Total


An example of Windows Updates available, but not yet installed.

Windows Update: Updates Available

An example of an up to date Windows system.

Windows Update: Windows is up to date

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