Handling Duplicate Computer Records

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Duplicate Computer Records are indicated with a banner on the Computer record in the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard, and in the Daily Computer Missing Report. Multiple Computer Records are determined because they have the same Serial Number or System MAC Address.

Duplicate Computer Records

Daily Computer Missing Report

Computers may report as missing because they have had the Watchman Monitoring Monitoring Client rekeyed due to a move or reassignment of the computer. When Watchman Monitoring detects a duplicate record, the record will be highlighted, and a View Duplicates button will be displayed.

Duplicate Computer Records in Daily Computer Missing Report

Clicking the View Duplicates button will take you to a search by the duplicate Serial Number. Clicking the View Computer will take you directly to the computer record.

Watchman Monitoring Dashboard Computer Record

When duplicate computer records are detected, the Computer record will display a banner in the computer record. Clicking the Review and reconcile duplicate records link will take you to a management console to quickly handle the duplicate records.

Duplicate Computer Records Found Banner

Removing Duplicate Computer Records

We can see in this example that the Reception computer was repurposed as a Guest Computer. The Watchman Monitoring Dashboard will indicate Computer Records that are stale and could likely be deleted.

Duplicate Computer Records

Click the Delete button next to the record and you will be presented with a confirmation dialog. From this dialog you can choose to Uninstall the Monitoring Client and/or Delete Computer Record.

Delete / Uninstall

In the case of a duplicate computer, selecting Delete Computer Record and clicking Save will remove the stale duplicate record from the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard.

Delete Computer Record

Determining duplicate records is an intense query, Watchman Monitoring runs this query nightly as part of the Daily Computer Missing Report.

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