Monitoring a Kerio Connect server

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Kerio Connect can be monitored from a Mac OS, OS X, ubuntu, or CentOS host.

Statistics Reported

  • Paths to, and sizes of, key Kerio Connect directories.
  • Domains in use, and their aggregate size
  • Licensing information
  • Services configured, and if they are accepting connections (authentication is not attempted)

Demographics are gathered on each hourly run. Total sizes are calculated daily.

 Sample Report:

License: 10117-ZZ1LC-XXXXX 
License Expires: NEVER 
Subscription Expires: 06 May 2017 
Licensed Users: 75 (69 Local Used) 
Company: Sample Kerio Hosting Company 

Key Directory, path, size: 
Mailstore, /mailstore, 201.01GB 
Backups, /mailbackups/, 349.84GB 
Archives, /mailarchive, 0.01GB 
Logs, /mailstore/logs/, 2.73GB 
FullTextSearch, /mailfulltexts/, 5.12GB 

Domains - Users (Total Storage, Public Folders):  -  1 of 1  (3.53GB, 0.00GB) - 14       (18.12GB, 1.25GB) - 24 of 25 (216.9GB, 0.00GB)  

Services Active: ADMIN - Any IP :4040 
HTTP       - 
HTTPS      -,, 
IMAPS      - 
LDAPS      -,, 
NNTPS      - POP3S - Any IP :995 
SMTP       - 
SMTPS      -, 
XMPP       - Any IP :5222 
XMPPS      - Any IP :5223


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