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TeamViewer is a third party solution which offers both On-Demand and Unattended remote support. The Watchman Monitoring/TeamViewer integration allows our subscribers one-click access to computers which are registered in their TeamViewer Partner List, and streamlines connections to new computers.

View the TeamViewer ID and Version in Your Dashboard

View the TeamViewer ID and Version in Your Dashboard

The Watchman Monitoring agent reports the nine-digit TeamViewer ID and version. This information is visible in the Dashboard and is included in reports about the monitored computer.

Subscribers using TeamViewer 10 and higher are able to leverage TeamViewer's Start URL, allowing them to connect to any computer's TeamViewer ID, regardless of the version installed on the remote computer. This assumes that the password for the computer is stored in the Subscriber's list, or the end-user will provide authentication directly.  Watchman Monitoring does NOT include any authentication information via the Dashboard or emailed reports.

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