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Watchman Monitoring Subscribers can get notified if their end users' Daylite Client has not synced to its server in the expected time frame (5 days by default).

The Daylite Client plugin is compatible with Daylite version 3 and above.


The plugin reviews sync history and reports the date of the most recent offline-sync.

The change history from the previous day is shown to help verify that the last reported sync completed.

A warning is triggered if the offline database does not sync within 5 days. The time before an issue is reported can be adjusted in the Settings tab of the PreferencePane.

If you have a user who is not using Daylite, you can reduce unneeded warnings by un-checking the box next to their name.

Fully removing Daylite when it is no longer in use

Removing Daylite's log files informs the Monitoring Client that Daylite is no longer in use, and that it is no longer necessary to report Daylite's sync status.

For each user of the system who is no longer using Daylite, remove:

~/Library/Application Support/com.marketcircle.Daylite4/Logs


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