Hiding / Un-Hiding Computer Records

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Occasionally, it may no longer be necessary to monitor the health of a computer. Hiding the record allows the agent to remain on the computer but prevents warning emails from being sent. When un-hidden, reports would resume normally without reinstalling the Monitoring Client.

Hidden records are not displayed in the interface, all related warning/missing emails are skipped, and the contact menu is hidden. Reports submitted by hidden computers will be stored, and can be accessed by searching for hidden Computer Records.

Hide a computer record

Locate the computer record you would like to hide.

From the Actions menu, select Hide Computer.

Actions menu > Hide Computer

Access Hidden Computer Records

Search for Hidden Computers

Navigate to all Computer records.


Click the Search button (1) and build your search criteria of Status (2) is Hidden (3). Add any additional criteria, and click Search (4).

Computer Search: Status = Hidden

This search will display all hidden records.

Groups with Hidden Computers

When viewing a group, hidden computers are indicated below the Group description. Clicking on View 1 Hidden Computer will take you to a hidden computer search for that group.

Group: View Hidden Computer

Un-hiding a Computer Record

The Computer Overview page of a hidden Computer will display a message to un-hide Computer.

Hidden Computer warning

Alternatively, from the Actions menu, select Un-Hide Computer.

Actions menu > Un-Hide Computer

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