Using the Windows MSI Monitoring Client Installer

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The Windows MSI installer is an easily distributable and customer-facing installer for your Monitoring Client.

Download the Installer

Download the Monitoring Client MSI  Installer

Download the installer from your Watchman Monitoring Dashboard, or use the direct link to your MSI installer.

Double-Click on the MonitoringClient.msi.

Monitoring Client Settings > Group

Enter the desired Group Name and click Next.

Monitoring Client Installer Information

You'll be presented with information about the package being installed, click Next.

All app to install software on your PC

Click Yes to allow the Monitoring Client to install.

Monitoring Client installed.

Once installed, click Next.

Installation Complete

Once completed, click Close.

Command Prompt Installation

The MSI can also be installed using the msiexec command in a Command Prompt.

Open a Command Prompt an an Administrator by right-clicking on Command Prompt > More > Run as administrator.

Command Prompt > Run as administrator

The msiexec command allows for specification of the Group with the following structure:

msiexec /i "" /quiet CMDLINE="Group=Pretendco"

The /quiet flag means you will have no indication of the installation process.

Learn more about msiexec on Microsoft's MSDN Site.

You can also add the Group registry entries using the following commands:

For a 64-bit OS

REG ADD KeyName HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\MonitoringClient /v ClientGroup /t REG_SZ /d Pretendco

For a 32 bit OS

REG ADD KeyName HKLM\SOFTWARE\MonitoringClient /v ClientGroup /t REG_SZ /d Pretendco

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