Monitoring Local Volumes for Presence and Capacity in Windows

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A volume becoming too-full or going missing can lead to data loss and downtime. Watchman Monitoring allows you to mark key volumes for monitoring using the Control Panel.

This article shows you how to select which volumes should not go missing, and how full certain volumes are allowed to grow before you are notified.

Volumes listed include those connected via

  • USB
  • iSCSI

Network volumes are not available for monitoring at this time.


Volume Monitoring

Use the Control Panel to configure notifications when a volume is missing, or too full.

Use the Windows Monitoring Client Control Panel > Volume Monitoringontrol Panel to configure notifications when a volume is missing, or too full.

Get notified when a volume is missing or too full.

Select a Volume from the list.

To receive notices if a volume goes offline, select the Monitored box next to the drive letter.

The boot volume threshold is applied to all monitored drives. Adjust the threshold at which a notification is sent from 1 to 99 percent. 

Considerations when setting thresholds

Unlike other notices, Watchman Monitoring does not check this only on the agent's hourly run. We ship a background process to track which volumes are mounted, and when.


Registry Keys

The following registry keys manage the setting, and can be applied before installation

32 bit Key Location:

64 bit Key Location:

The relevant keys are:




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