Removing Stale Integration Links from a Computer Record

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If an integration is removed from a computer, the integration link(s) will be displayed as Stale and provide the option to be removed from the computer record. This is also a helpful indicator if removal of an integration is not expected on the computer, allowing for follow up.

Active vs. Stale Integration Links

Stale Integration links will be displayed below current or active Integration Links in the Computer Overview.

Stale Integration Links can be removed by clicking the Trashcan button next to each stale integration.

Active vs. Stale Integration Links

Making Stale Integrations Active

Reinstallation or reactivation of the integrated application will update the Integration link and move the link back to the Active Integrations section of the Computer Overview.

If a stale integration is removed from the Computer Overview, and the Integration becomes active again, the Integration link will be displayed under Integrations.

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