Hiding the PreferencePane

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The Monitoring Client is designed to stay out of your end users' way. 

A PreferencePane is included with the default installation, its uses include:

  • Displays a support link to your end-users.
  • Puts your logo in System Preferences (via our optional Custom Branding)
  • Provides an interface to configure various plugins.
  • Informs the end user that the software is installed on the computer.
  • Provides a simple removal option.

Despite this, the PreferencePane is a purely cosmetic component, is not required for the normal operation of the Monitoring Client, and can be removed from System Preferences if desired.

If the PreferencePane is removed, it will no longer appear in System Preferences, even after auto-updates or manually re-installing the Monitoring Client. 


Once removed, you may re-enable the PreferencePane with the following action:

  • Navigate to /Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities. 
  • Note the spare copy of
  • Double-click this .Prefpane and when prompted, choose to install "For all users of the computer".

The .zipped bundle version of the installer can be configured to install the Monitoring Client software without the PreferencePane active:

  • Download the .zipped version of the isntaller from your Watchman Monitoring Server dashboard.
  • Decompress the .zip, select the .pkg and "Show Package Contents"
  • Navigate to
  • Edit the postflight by setting the following line to False:
plist_dict["Branding_PrefPane_Included"] = False

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