Watchman Monitoring Account Preference Settings

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Adjust your timezone, display density, email preferences, and password in the Watchman Monitoring Account Preference Settings.

Your Watchman Monitoring Account Profile

To access your account, navigate to or

Account Menu > Account Settings

From the Account menu in the upper right corner of the Server Dashboard, select Settings.


Account Profile Settings Tab

To adjust Account preferences, click the Settings tab.

Contact Info

Settings: Contact Info

Edit your First Name and Last Name for the account.

To edit an account email address, contact support or add a new user.

Dashboard Settings

Dashboard Settings

Each user will inherit the company's time zone setting, but can change the time zone for their user account.

Display Density Dropdown

Adjust your Display Density.

  • Comfortable spacing.
  • Compact spacing
Comfortable spacing vs. Compact spacing

Email Preferences

Email Preferences

Select which periodic emails (Release Notes, Status Emails or News Emails) to receive from Watchman Monitoring.

Save Button

Click the Save button to save your settings changes.


Account Profile Settings Tab

To change your password or enable two-factor authentication, click the Password tab.

Change Password

To change your password, enter your Current password, your New Password, and Confirm New Password. Then click Save.


Account Profile Settings Tab

To submit or review Referrals, click the Referrals tab.


Account Profile Settings Tab

To switch to or add a Managed Account preferences, click the Accounts tab.

Learn more about Setting Up A Managed Account.

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