Extending the Contact Menu with liquid variables

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You can extend the Contact Menu with variables such as the Asset ID, Group, Watchman ID or subdomain. Liquid variables allow you to insert dynamic data points into your contact menu allowing for unique links and identifying information.

Watchman Monitoring Liquid Variables

  • {{AssetID}} - The Asset ID Field.
  • {{Group}} - Group Name.
  • {{Subdomain}} - Your Watchman Monitoring subdomain (helpful for Managed Accounts)
  • {{WatchmanID}} - The Watchman Monitoring ID for the computer.

Using Watchman Monitoring Liquid Variables.

Watchman Monitoring Liquid Variables can be placed in any text, URL or URI field for a contact menu item. The most basic implementation is to display these variables using the grey text contact menu item option.

Display Asset ID as grey text in the menu.

Liquid variables can also be used in URLs. You could create a support request form in your favorite form tool to accept the liquid variable. This allows you to pass additional information about the computer end point requesting help or support.

Pass the Watchman Monitoring ID via URL



Title: All Support Request for {{group}}
Link to Ticketing System Group Tickets

Title: Links for {{group}}
Display Text (Gray)

Watchman ID

URL: https://example.com/support?id={{WatchmanID}}
Link to Support Request Form, passing Watchman ID

Asset ID

Title: Computer ID: {{AssetID}}
Display Text (Gray)

This is an example of the menu with liquid variables. On the left is the menu as it is diplayed in the Dashboard, and on the right, is the live contact menu.

Example menu

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