URI Based Launchers

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Applications can declare their own, arbitrary, URIs, and decide how they can be used.

When testing how you enter the URI into the dashboard, pay attention to the number of slashes / are used. Many URI work without slashes, while some require two or three. Testing their behavior in the Contact Menu setup is recommended.

Strings are passed from your Dashboard to the Contact Menu as they are entered. Spaces, etc do not require percent-encoding.

While the Contact Menu can trigger any URI, here is a list of common ones:


  • callto:
  • facetime://
  • facetime-audio:// (OS X 10.10+)
  • sms:
  • skype:
  • tel:

Remote Support

Useful to have your end-user open their remote support agent, even more useful for your internal group to open the admin tool.

  • joinme
  • GoToMeeting
  • vnc
  • https://start.teamviewer.com/123456789 (Requires TeamViewer 10)

Computer to Computer:

Especially useful in per-Group entries, "Mount your fileserver" and an AFP link can be a nice touch.

  • afp://
  • cifs://
  • sftp://
  • smb://
  • ssh:

Internet style URLs

  • http://
  • https://
  • mailto:

If you'd like to have a URL with pre-filled examples, the menu entry would be:

https://www.watchmanmonitoring.com/sample-agreement/?company=My Best Client&personal=1&monitoring=1

Note the spaces in the company name get pre-filled in the form, the browser handles the encoding.

If you'd like your end-user's email client to create an email to support, the entry would be:

mailto:support@example.com?Subject=I would like to test this menu&body=This is the body of the email

Mailto elements start with the to, optionally followed with a ? before other components, such as:






Note an ampsersand & is required between components, as shown in the example above.

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