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The Contact Menu is available to all subscribers. The menu's contents are customizable via the Watchman Monitoring server's dashboard, changes are applied to each computer as a part of their auto-update process.

Contact Menu

Setting up the Contact Menu

Setting up the Contact Menu

Administrators of each Watchman Monitoring account add any number of the following menu items:

URI Launcher (http, mailto, skype, teamviewer, etc)

URI Launcher (http, mailto, skype, teamviewer, etc)

Application Launcher (via Name, Bundle ID, or URL)

The application launcher can offer an alternate download in the case an Application isn't installed

Application Launcher (via Name, Bundle ID, or URL)

Bundle IDs

Every Mac OS Application has a Bundle Identifier in its Info.plist. You can also determine a bundle ID with this command in Terminal (sudo not required)

The command: osascript -e 'id of app ""'

Returns its Bundle ID:

Learn more about launching Applications by name in our Community Forum

Display information (plain text)

BigText Display feature coming soon.

Display information (plain text)

Text is gray by default, BigText is the same color as clickable links.


Used to separate and organize your Menu Items into logical groups.

Additional items may be added on a per-group basis, allowing the menu to be a part of your end-users' productive workday.

Group specific Contact Menu items

Watchman Monitoring allows you to customize the Contact Menu per Group. Each Group will automatically inherit your companiy's Contact Menu items, and can be added to from the Group's page in your Dashboard.

Group specific Contact Menu items

Contact Menu templates

If you want to use the same item for many companies, you can save any Contact Menu option as a template to be easily recalled for another Group.

Saving a Contact Menu Template
Contact Menu Saved Templates

Learn more about Contact Menu Item Templates.


Does the Contact Menu have any additional cost?

No, the Contact Menu is a part of your Watchman Monitoring subscription.

There is a one-time fee to enable Custom Branding, which would change the logo of this menu, the PreferencePane icon, and rename the agent. This branding option also allows for the customization of additional Contact Items.


Do I have to display a Contact Menu to end-users?
No, the menu is optional, and disabled by default.


How many layers of customization are there?
The menu's first item displays a subscriber's company name, and links back to the company's support URL.

A Global set of items is displayed to all end-users.

Additional menu items can be tailored for each Group.


Do I have to show the menu to every end-user?

No. The menu can be hidden for an entire group, or on a per-computer basis.

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