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Contact Menu Items can be saved as a template to ease repeated use customizing  Menu Items for a Group or Company, or for archiving a Menu Item you might want to use in the future.

Menu Item Templates

Create a Template for the Menu Item by clicking the Save as Template button.

Save as Template: Template Name

You will be prompted for a name for the Template.

You cannot rename Templates. Simply save the Template as a new Menu Item Template and delete the old Menu Item Template.

Menu Item Templates are displayed under  Menu Item options

Saved Templates are displayed below the Menu Item Options.

Using Menu Item Templates

Drag Saved Template Items into the menu.

Drag a Template into into the Menu position, or click the Template Item to add to the bottom of the Menu.

Edit a Menu Template Item

You will be prompted to further edit the menu item.

Deleting a Saved Template

Deleting a Saved Template

Hover over a Saved Template to show the Trashcan icon. Click the Trashcan icon to delete

Delete a Template Confirmation

You will be prompted to confirm deletion of the Template.

Saved Templates can be delete from the Global Menu Items or Group Specific Menu Items.

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