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The following are Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of your customizable Support Menu. The Contact Menu supports URI/URL, Application Names, and Apple Bundle Identifiers.

The following document uses the identifiers of URL, URI, and Bundle ID to differentiate the item type you should choose. Learn more about the Contact Menu Item Configuration here.

If a URI is configured, but does not appear in the contact menu, this may indicate that no application is configured to accept that URI. Attempt the URI in Safari, or at the command line with open <uri://your-uri>

Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to use the Testing mode to get started. You can make any group the Testing group, and all changes are saved. You can also use the Preview tab to setup.
  • Hold down the Option or Control key when you click on the first menu item to open that computer's Watchman Monitoring record in the default Web Browser. Login will be required, so skip the "Keep me signed in..." when on your end-users' computers.
  • The menu can be disabled for any single computer (the persnickety boss, or the conference room computer.) Look in the Action menu for the toggle.

Menu Ideas


Use Gray Text on the menu to display:

  • Your Phone Number / Support Phone Number
  • Title Sections of links (File Sharing, Social Media, FileMaker Databases, Training Resources, etc.)



  • URL:
  • URL: (Gmail)

Provide an easy link to their webmail, gmail, etc.

Your Website

  • URL:
  • URL:
  • URL:
  • URL:

Link to you website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Mailto URI

If you'd like your end-user's email client to create an email to support, the entry would be:

  • URI: Request&Body=Enter Your Request Below

mailto: elements start with the to, optionally followed with a ? before other components, such as:

An ampsersand `&` is required between components, as shown in the example above.

Spaces are automatically html encoded for you.

Support Resources

Diagnostic Web Sites

iCloud Status / Apple System Status

  • URL:

Determine Apple's current System Status for the AppStore, iCloud, AppleID and more.

WAN IP Address

  • URL:
  • URL:
  • URL:

Use one of the above URLs to help you determine the WAN IP Address of the machine.

Diagnostic Tools

The following built-in tools and utilities can be put within easy reach through the contact menu.

Activity Monitor

  • Bundle ID:

Network Diagnostics

  • Bundle ID:

Wireless Diagnostics

  • Bundle ID:

Console (Logs)

  • Bundle ID:

Disk Utility

  • Bundle ID:

System Information (System Profiler)

  • Bundle ID:

System Preferences

System Preferences can be used in the menu by using the Application Specific URL option. To link to an anchor (a specific tab within a Preference Pane) is generally the URL followed by ?TabName (See Keyboard PrefPane example below).

Network Preference Pane

  • URI:

Keyboard Preference Pane: Text Tab

  • URI:

The following AppleScript will help you determine the Preference Pane ID:

tell application "System Preferences"
	set myId to the id of current pane
end tell

The following AppleScript will help you determine the Anchor of the current Preference Pane:

tell application "System Preferences"
	set myAnchor to anchors of current pane
end tell

Open System Preferences and select a Preference Pane before running these scripts.

Training Resources

The following are resources to direct clients or customers for information and training.

Mac Basics Self-paced Learning

  • URI:

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • URI:

iPhone User Guide

  • URI:

iPad User Guide

  • URI:

Mac User Guide


Post your own screencast training videos and link to them in the Contact menu.

Video Link

  • URI:

YouTube Channel

  • URI:


Post your own screencast training videos and link to them in the Contact menu.

Video Link

  • URI:

Vimeo Channel

  • URI:


Help Center

  • URI: https://[subdomain]

Link to your Zendesk Help Center to access your support documents.

Submit Request

  • URI: https://[subdomain]

Link to your Zendesk Request form for sumitting tickets. Helpful if email is not configured on the machine.

See All Requests

  • URI: https://[subdomain]

Computer Management

Direct Users to self-service tools for software installation and updates.


Launch MacManage

  • Bundle ID: com.electron.macmanage

Apple Mac AppStore

Mac AppStore

  • Bundle ID:
  • URI: macappstore://
  • URI: macappstore://showUpdatesPage (Open directly to MAS Updates Page)


Managed Software Center

  • Bundle ID: com.googlecode.munki.ManagedSoftwareCenter
  • URI: munki://category-all (Open MSC to display all Apps)
  • URI: munki://developer-google (Open MSC and search for Apps from Google)
  • URI: munki://updates (Open MSC to Updates section)

Mac-MSP Gruntwork

Run Maintenance Manually

  • Bundle ID: com.mac-msp.gruntwork.manualstart

HEAT LANrev (formerly Absolute Manage)

OnDemand Software

  • URI: lanrevagent://ShowOnDemandPackages


Filewave Admin

  • Application Name: FileWave

Self-Service Kiosk

  • Bundle ID: com.filewave.fwGUI

JAMF Casper

Self Service

  • Bundle ID: com.jamfsoftware.selfservice



iChat / SMS / iMessage

  • Bundle ID:
  • URI: imessage://
  • URI: imessage://1-408-555-1212
  • URI: ichat://
  • URI: sms://1-408-555-1212

sms:// is supported by some VoIP desktop clients, otherwise is directed at iOS and mobile web applications.

ichat:// may be deprecated on newer Mac Operating Systems in favor of imessage://.

XMPP (Jabber)

  • URI: xmpp://


  • Bundle ID: com.tinyspeck.slackmacgap
  • URI:
  • URI: slack:channel?id=<CHANNEL-ID>&team=<TEAM-ID>


  • Bundle ID: com.hipchat.HipChat


  • URI: skype:live:skypeusername?chat



  • URI: skype:live:skypeusername?call

Facetime Audio

  • Bundle ID:
  • URI: facetime-audio:// (OS X 10.10 or greater)
  • URI: callto:+18005551212
  • URI: tel:+18005551212


  • Bundle ID:
  • URI: facetime://

Screen Sharing / Remote Support


  • URI: st-business://


  • Bundle ID: com.citrixonline.GoToMeeting
  • URI:


  • URI: (Requires TeamViewer 10 or greater)
  • Bundle ID: com.teamviewer.TeamViewerQS
  • Bundle ID: com.teamviewer.TeamViewer
  • Bundle ID: com.teamviewer.TeamViewerHost

When using the Apple Bundle Identifier, the Contact Menu will try the following, in order:

  • com.teamviewer.TeamViewerQS
    QuickSupport, TeamViewer (Full), then Host
  • com.teamviewer.TeamViewer
    TeamViewer (Full), QuickSupport, then Host
  • com.teamviewer.TeamViewerHost
    Host, QuickStart, then Teamviewer (Full)


  • Bundle ID: com.elsitech.screenconnect.client


  • Bundle ID:

VNC / ScreenSharing

  • URI: vnc://hostname[:port]
  • Bundle ID:


To Your Location

  • URI:,Infinite+Loop,Cupertino,California

Open with your destination pre-filled. Useful for directing clients to your retail location or office.

From Your Location

  • URI:,Infinite+Loop,Cupertino,California

Open with your address as the starting location. Useful for mapping a route to a client or customer.


Link directly to FileMaker databases and skip the starter file.

Open a hosted FileMaker Database

  • URI: fmp://hostname/FMServer_Sample

Full FileMaker URI Syntax

  • URI: fmp://[[account:password@]netaddress]/databasename[?script=scriptname[&param=scriptparameter][&$variablename=value]]

File Sharing

Customize your Contact menu with direct link to client/customer file shares.

AFP (Apple File Protocol)

  • URI: afp://hostname[/path]
  • URI: afp://username@hostname[/path] (default the username)
SMB (Samba)/CIFS (Common Internet File System)
  • URI: smb://hostname[/path]
  • URI: smb://username@hostname[/path] (default the username)
  • URI: smb://other_username:*@hostname[/path] (default username, request password)
  • URI: cifs://hostname[/path]
  • URI: cifs://username@hostname[/path] (default the username)
  • URI: cifs://username:*@hostname[/path] (default username, request password)
SFTP (Secure FTP)
  • URI: sftp://hostname[/path]
  • URI: sftp://username@hostname[/path] (default the username)
  • URI: https://hostname[/path]
  • URI: https://username@hostname[/path] (default the username)
  • URI: \\hostname\share
  • URI: file:////hostname\share

Service Bench

Link your technicians to useful tools.


  • Bundle ID: com.mactrackerapp.Mactracker

Alternative Download Link:

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