Muting Multiple Plugin Results At One Time

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Searching the Plugin Results page makes it easy to mute multiple plugins at once. This document describes performing a Plugin Results search, selecting and applying a mute to selected plugins from the search.

Watchman Monitoring runs every hour on monitored computers, and reports test results as Plugins.


Clicking the Search button reveals search Criteria on the left, and specifics on the right.

In this example, we see two results for a search for all computers with Time Machine warnings.

More about Searching in the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard


To ignore or mute all instances of a Plugin regardless of status, remove Plugin Status from the Search criteria.

Bulk Muting Options

By selecting one or more Plugin Results, the Bulk Muting Options... button is enabled and allows for bulk management of plugin result status.

Bulk Muting Options


Click the Bulk Muting Options... button for a slide out that will allow you to Ignore the Plugin or Mute until a specific date. If all plugins are related to a specific Ticket Number in your ticketing system, you can relate them all here to a single ticket.

Muting - Plugin Results

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