Viewing the History of a Plugin

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Watchman Monitoring stores plugin reporting history data.

As computers report the status of their plugins, duplicate "no problems found" reports displace any matching "no problems found" report.

The result is a history of the plugin consisting of daily reports when no problems are found and hourly reports when an error is detected.

Viewing Plugin History

  1. On your Dashboard, select the computer to investigate.
  2. Select Actions
  3. Select View History

Note: Clicking the name of the plugin will also take you to Plugin History

How to View Plugin History

Plugin With No Problems Reported

This computer does not have any recorded disk I/O errors, so Plugin History will save the last hourly update each day no problem has been reported.

Plugin With No Problems Reported

Plugin With Informational Level Reports

Informational level reports wil be stored one per day, like "no problems found" reports.

Plugin With Informational Level Reports

Plugin With Problems Reported

This machine has problems reported with Time Machine. When a problem is reported, Plugin History will store each hourly report to assist with troubleshooting.

Plugin With Problems Reported

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