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A subscription to Watchman Monitoring offers complete support to Subscribers. The most common request we receive is for for clarification of a report.

To streamline this process, we created a Plugin Support button in the Dashboard. Using this button eases the process of submitting the report, and provides the Watchman Monitoring Support team needed background information to speed replies.

Create a Plugin Support request

Create a Plugin Support request

Using the Plugin Support (?) button queues a request to Watchman Monitoring's support staff. This includes details about the computer itself and includes all the report details. You will have the opportunity to include more information you may have on the matter.

Compress the Monitoring Client folder for review (Mac)

Compress the Monitoring Client folder for review (Mac)

The MonitoringClient folder in the Mac's local Library folder holds the agent's preferences, settings, and seven days worth of logs. Zipping this folder allows us to see details that speed up our troubleshooting process.


We may ask for additional files depending on the plugin we're troubleshooting, however, having a copy of this folder is always useful.

Send the "Monitoring Client" Folder to a "Compressed Folder" for review (Windows)

Send the "Monitoring Client" Folder to a "Compressed Folder" for review (Windows)

Open C:, and the related Program Files folder, and scroll down to Monitoring Client.

Right-click Monitoring Client, choose Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder.

Compressing needed logs and settings (Linux)

The Linux client keeps it data in traditional places for the *nix platforms - logs in logs and settings in /etc. The following command will gather the needed files into a single tarball for submission:

tar -czf monitoringclient.tar.gz /var/log/monitoringclient /etc/monitoringclient


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