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Watchman Monitoring offers organization of computer in what is refered to as Groups

The Group names you choose may mirror the name of the company which owns a computer "My best client", the name of a family's computers "Smith Residence", the department to which a computer belongs "Biology Lab", or the organization's point of contact email address.

Additional contact information can also be added to a Group's Description.

A number of installations methods are available in the Installers tab. The basic installer will prompt a user for a Group during installation. Learn more about Options for deploying Watchman Monitoring.

While Groups are traditionally entered manually during an attended install, it can also be pre-configured prior to performing an automated/mass deployment

Once set, the Watchman Server automatically displays monitored computers by their Group when viewed on the server interface. A computer's Group may also be edited on the server.

Adding a New Group

Groups are added automatically, if they don't already exist, when the client first checks in with the Watchman Monitoring Server. You can add a group in advance to enter additional contact details or create a Group Specific Installer for a new client.

+ New Group - Adding a New Group

To Add a new Group, click the + New Group button.

New Group Slide out

A side panel will slide out prompting you for the Group Name, Group Description (optional), and option to show or hide the Contact Menu.

The Group Name, including formatting and spacing, must match when installing the Monitoring Client on a computer. Computers can be moved into the proper group from the Watchman Monitoring Server.

New Group Created

With the group created, your next steps might include distributing a group specific installer (created from the Installers button), or edit group permissions (from the Actions menu).

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