Changing the Group Locally After Installation

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There are multiple ways to change the Group after the agent has been deployed, either via the PreferencePane on the computer, through the command line (Terminal), or by deploying a Group-Specific pkg.

The client group can also be change via the Dashboard: Override the Client Group via the Server Interface

Using the PreferencePane on the computer

Using the PreferencePane on the computer


  1. Open System Preferences 
  2. Open the monitoring client PreferencePane* 
  3. Click the "Operation" tab.
  4. Change the name in the "Group" field.
    NOTE: Entering the name of a Client Group that doesn't exist will create a new Client Group on the server.

The change will be reflected on the server during the agent's next check in.


 Using the Command Line / Terminal

The following command will adjust the Client Group value when used with administrator privileges.

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/ClientSettings ClientGroup -string "New_Group_Name"

This is also suitable for use with Apple Remote Desktop, a script in Casper, a saved command in your Bomgar Rep Console, etc.

 Deploying a Group-Specific pkg

The bundle version of our Monitoring Client installer contains a ClientGroup.txt file. During installation or reinstallation, the contents of the first line of this file are used to set the desired Client Group name. See this article for more info.

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