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As tickets are created in a Zendesk account, the current computer status, full of details, is sent as an internal note, and a brief customer friendly note is applied as well. The monitored computer's status will change over time, and continually updating the ticket with notes would result in excess notifications to Zendesk agents.

Watchman Monitoring's Zendesk app allows agents to see the current status on-demand as they view a ticket. This article will explain how to enhance the Zendesk ticket integration with a full fledged app.

Enable the Zendesk integration

Choose Watchman Monitoring Status from the Zendesk App store

Click on the Install App button.

Enter your Dashboard URL (e.g.  subdomain.monitoringclient.com)

Zendesk App Installation

Visit https://app.monitoringclient.com/integrations/zendesk and click Show API Key under Zendesk App Setup.

Watchman Monitoring Zendesk Integration

Click Copy next to the API Key and then Command-C (Ctrl-C for Windows).

Show API Key and Copy

Go back to Zendesk, Paste the API Key, and click Install.

Paste API Key in Zendesk

You will now see the Watchman Monitoring Issue Status App on your Zendesk MyApps page.

Watchman Monitoring Issue App Icon

You can change the order your Zendesk Apps appear by clicking Reorder Apps in

Using the Watchman Monitoring Issue Status Zendesk App

If you do not see your Apps on the right-hand side when viewing an Alert ticket, click the Apps button.

Show Apps

We designed the Zendesk app to take as little of your App space as possible, until you chose to expand it. Clicking the +/- in the upper right corner of the plugin will show additional details on the status.

Show more details

Clicking the Current Status link at the top of the plugin will take you to the history of this plugin in a new browser window.

Current Status Link

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