Integration with Zendesk for ticket management

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Watchman Monitoring can integrate with Zendesk's online customer service software. Warnings received from monitored computers are converted into tickets in Zendesk.


Warnings for that problem stay muted until the ticket is marked closed or resolved.

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Currently, Zendesk's Essential plan will prevent you from getting the email alerts we create. The Team, Professional, and Entrprise level accounts can receive email notifications of alerts.

Why integrate with Zendesk?

Computers report their status hourly. Rather than email every hour, Watchman Monitoring auto-mutes for one day, and offers additional muting options.

With a ticketing system, such as Zendesk, in place, the ticket itself becomes the mute. Tickets are created in a format where changing the "requestor" to the end user makes the related labor easier to track and invoice.

How does it work?

To allow Watchman Monitoring to send warnings directly into a Zendesk account:

  1. Turn the Zendesk Integration toggle to On.
  2. Enter the Zendesk API Subdomain
  3. Enter the Zendesk Admin email address
  4. Enter the Zendesk API Token information into the Watchman Server interface.
Enabling the Zendesk integration

Click the Save button.

Save button

Will I still get emails?

A few items will still generate an email to the Subscriber:

  • Newly created computer records
  • A daily report of computers which do not report when expected
  • Subscription related emails, such as payment receipts
  • Posts by Watchman Monitoring staff and fellow subscribers in our Subscriber Community

Everything else is converted directly into a help ticket.

If a computer reports more than one warning, will it be tracked on a single ticket?

Each warning generates a separate ticket in Zendesk. Two tickets would be created if one computer reported both a failing hard drive and out of date backup.

Can alerts be merged?

A single Zendesk ticket number can be used to mute multiple warnings by entering the ticket number in the muting interface.

From the Actions menu, select All Muting Options...

Actions menu> All Muting Options...

The Plugin Mute Settings will slide out. Enter the related ticket number in the Mute With Existing Ticket field.

Plugin Mute Settings

Can the Zendesk integration break? What would happen then?

The Zendesk integration relies on your Zendesk subdomain, administrator’s user account, and its API key. A change in any of these items would prevent the Watchman Monitoring server from accessing the Zendesk account. 

If the integration fails, an alert is emailed to the primary email address on the Watchman Monitoring account. The Watchman Monitoring server automatically reverts to sending emails as issues are reported.

When the Zendesk integration is corrected, new issues will again create Zendesk tickets, and existing issues muted via ticket number will cease generating emails.

You can test you integration from the Actions menu > Test Zendesk Integration.

Test Zendesk Integration

Disabling Zendesk Integration

In the Actions menu, you can Disable Zendesk Integration. This will maintain all of the muting that has been associated with Zendesk tickets allowing you to reenable Zendesk and maintain previous ticket muting. This action is considered safe and non-destructive.

Disable Zendesk Integration

The option to Reset Ticketing System... will clear all muting associated with Zendesk. This is a destructive process and cannot be reverted.

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