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Watchman Monitoring Zendesk integration will create new tickets in your Zendesk account with alert and warning details as a private comment on the ticket, and mute further warnings until the ticket is resolved.


As new issues are detected, Watchman Monitoring will create a new ticket in your Zendesk account.

The ticket number is recorded, and for as long as that ticket is not solved, closed, or missing, no new tickets will be created for problems with that plugin on that computer.

The tickets are created with a public and private portion, ready for you to add any details you feel relevant, and re-assign to your end-user when you are ready to address the problem.

Adding the Watchman Monitoring Zendesk App to your Zendesk will allow you to verify the current status of the plugin.


When we started out with our Zendesk integration, we had these goals in mind:

  • We wanted to be able to create a ticket that you could share with your end-users. (via changing the requester)
  • We wanted to have enough information in the ticket where you didn't have to go back to the website to take action.
  • We wanted the fact that we created the ticket to prevent additional tickets from being created until the first was solved.

If you followed our complete setup instructions, these goals were met.

Zendesk Workflow

  • An issue is reported by a monitored computer.
  • A ticket is imported into your account, bypassing existing new ticket rules.
  • A private note is added to the ticket by "Monitoring Notification" with details on the issue.
  • By default, the agent which enabled Zendesk will get notified of the ticket update.
    For existing Zendesk users, this may require a change to your workflow.
  • As tickets are Solved or Closed, Zendesk will notify Watchman Monitoring to reset the dashboard view.

If you want to learn more about how you can further customize your Zendesk e-mails check out this Zendesk support article.

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