Computer Demographic Alert Notifications

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Watchman Monitoring can notify you with a one-time Alert notification if the the Computer Name, Group, Memory Configuration, Serial Number or Operating System (OS) changes.


Settings > Emails

Navigate to Settings > Emails.

Demographic Changes Configuration

With Demographic Changes, the email address specified will receive alerts for the following changes:

Computer Name

  • If the Computer Name changes.
  • Auto-numbering is ignored. e.g. My MacBook Pro (2)


  • If the Group changes on the Client Computer.


  • If the installed memory increases or decreases.
  • Repeated increase/decrease alerts can signify a poorly seating memory DIMM, or a failing Memory/RAM slot.

Serial Number

  • If the Serial Number of the machine changes.
  • Usually signifies migration of data to a new machine. Watchman Monitoring will rekey and add this machine as a new Computer.

Operating System (OS)

  • The OS is upgraded from one major release to another. i.e. 10.8 to 10.11
  • A user started downloading an OS upgrade from the Mac App Store
  • A user started downloading a new Public Beta
  • A user has an available OS Upgrade in /Applications/
Tech Specs: Operating System (OS)

OS Alerts are also displayed under the current Operating System when viewing the Tech Specs for a computer record.

Operating System change notifications are currently only available for the Mac OS.

Boot drive changes and notifications are monitored with the Boot Volume Change plugin. Learn more here.

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