About the Daily Open Issue Warnings Summary

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Receive individual or daily summary email notifications for outstanding warnings.  This email is designed to be sent to the email address/distribution list of people directly responsible for management of incoming work.

Daily Summary Report

Example Daily Summary Report

Summary emails are grouped by Group Name, Computer, and then the Plugin(s) producing the warning.

Plugin Links

Open Issue(s) Plugin Links

Clicking on the Plugin Name will take you to the plugin history for that computer.

Computer Links

Open Issue(s) Computer Links

Clicking on the Computer Name will take you to that computer record.

If you are using a ticket system integration, Open Warnings will be managed by your ticket system. You will not receive these summary reports.

Open Warning Emails

Settings > Emails

Navigate to Settings > Emails.

Open Warning Emails

Open Issue emails are a daily recap of all open issues.

Daily summary emails send one email with all open issues daily at the specified time.

Individual emails will send one email for each open warning.

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