Configuring Gmail's WebMail As Default Mail Client

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If you use Gmail's WebMail as your Mail Client, the following instructions will help you configure your web browser to use Gmail for all email links.

Google Chrome

Click the gray double diamonds in Google Chrome

Click on the gray double diamonds on the right side of the location field next to the bookmark star.

Select Allow for the Protocol handler

Select Allow to allow Gmail to handle all email links.

Set protocol handler to allow and click Done.

Click Done.

Disabling using Gmail in Google Chrome

Protocol handlers: set to none or remove

To change having Chrome to open mailto: links in Gmail, type chrome://settings/handlers into the location field. Set to (none) or click remove this site, then click Done.


Safari does not have built in support to change the mailto handler. We suggest the mailto-chromeextension. Follow the download link in the Readme.

Safari: Trust the mailto extension

Click Trust to install the mailto extension.

Safari: Extensions

Clicking the Options checkbox will open the Options screen

mailto extension options

On the Options screen, choose your mail service and then restart Safari.

Disabling using Gmail in Safari

Safari: Extensions

To change having Safari open mailto: links in Gmail, navigate to Safari > Preferences..., select the mailto: extension. Click Options to change the Option to your prefered setting.

To Uninstall, click the Uninstall button.

Confirm uninstalling the mailto: extenion.

Click Uninstall.


Firefox menu > Preferences...

From the Firefox menu, select Preferences... or naviagate to about:preferences#applications

Firefox Preferences > Applications

Search for mailto to find the Content Type

Search for mailto and select the Action

Click on Action dropdown and select Use Gmail.

The mailto Action is changed for Firefox

You can close the Settings tab.

Disabling using Gmail in Firefox

Disabling using Gmail in Google Chrome

To change having Firefox open mailto: links in Gmail, change the Action back to your prefered setting.

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