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The Plain Text format for Alert Notifications formats emails to be easily digested by a ticketing system, and provide links back into Watchman Monitoring for muting and other actions.

Plain Text Email Format

New Warnings Email

When Plain Text is selected, reports are sent with the following characteristics:

  • Plain text formatting takes the guesswork out of HTML interpretation.
  • Separate emails are sent, one per issue, allowing each to be addressed separately.
  • Demographics are included to help identify the affected computer.
  • Auto-muting links prevent duplicate tickets by allowing issues to be muted for 7 or 30 days with the click of a link.

Example Plain Text Email

Example Plain Text Email

The Plain Text email will summarize the Warning and provide actionable links.

Actionable Links Include:

  • Review the Plugin History
  • Mute for 7 days
  • Mute for 30 days
  • Add Note

Below the action links, is a summary of the Computer, Group Description, Computer Description, Warranty Info/Warranty Status, and links to Integrations.

Emails are formatted in Markdown for systems that support the lightweight markup language.

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